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5 Inspirations To Decorate Room of Children

5 Inspirations To Decorate Room of Children

Decorating children’s room goes far beyond choosing the color and furniture and there are several factors that even help in the development of the little ones. In this phase, it is essential that the child feels safe and that is why a well thought out decoration makes all the difference.



Decorating a children’s room with the Montessori method
This style to decorate children’s room is becoming more and more common and the idea is that everything is within reach. All this makes the children explore more of their environment, providing more autonomy, so that they grow free and self-confident.


Inspirations To Decorate Room of Children
Inspirations To Decorate Room of Children

Here, the furniture is purposefully low to get everything within reach of the child, such as niches, shelves, shelves and in some cases even the wardrobe. The bed is usually the finishing touch in the decoration of a Montessorian room, as well as being perfect for the child to lie down and lift the time he wants, for example.



Main decoration points:

Investing in the taste of children is undoubtedly very important in the decoration of the children’s room, but it is fundamental that parents always supervise the choices, you must be careful with colors and styles chosen!



Strong, dark colors can influence a child’s sleep, disrupting sleep at night. The neutral colors are perfect to make the room more cozy, allowing a quiet night’s sleep for the little ones.


This in no way means that the room should be monochromatic and bland. Investing in fun wallpapers for a relaxed children’s room decoration is allowed yes! Drawings that represent the child’s personality and taste are always welcome to complete the decor.



Remember that everything in excess can represent something negative, so choose one or two walls to install the wallpaper. The key word is: balance!


Be wary of children’s bedroom lighting! Some basic tricks can give that little time to decorate, so note there:



For smaller children, the most indicated is that in addition to the traditional lighting of the room, also have a yellow lighting, with lamps embedded in strategic places. This will make the environment more cozy, as well as transmit more security to the little ones, by enabling night illumination whenever there is some insecurity.


For children a little older, lighter lighting may be more advantageous as it helps stimulate creativity at this stage of learning and development.



How to optimize space in small rooms:

For small rooms the tip is to optimize spaces, modulated or planned furniture is perfect for this. After all, it is still important that children have their study corner and mainly toys, which is the main attraction of a children’s room. And as we talk about it, it is worth remembering that having a space reserved for toys avoids various things scattered around the house.

It is essential that the room is cozy, but curtains and cushions in excess can give the sensation of an even smaller space, the idea here is to optimize! What’s more, the accumulation of dust can be harmful to small ones.


Shelves are great when it comes to space saving and decorating children’s room, but it all depends on what will be put on it. Take advantage of storing items that you do not use so often, as it will be out of reach for your child. This runs away from the idea of ​​keeping everything at hand, but when it comes to optimizing space is worth!


Inspirations To Decorate Room of Children
Inspirations To Decorate Room of Children

Dividing the room between two children:

When the subject is a room divided between two children, it is important to take some care, first because the children’s decoration must be according to the taste of the two children and the other reason is nothing more, nothing less, than the lack of space. Often, choosing two beds for the same room may not be very advantageous besides taking up the entire room.


The best solution is to choose a bunk bed for the bedroom, whether with or without a bed. The advantage of all this is to turn two spaces into one!



Some care is important when it comes to bunk beds for children’s rooms. For children, having a treliche in the Room is synonymous with a lot of fun, which justifies the fierce dispute over who will sleep in the top bed. But it is important to remember that this should be a decision made exclusively by parents who, in addition to age, should take into account the quality of sleep and how much the child usually moves at night.


Ah! It is important that the bunk has side and side guard rails, as well as stairs on at least one side for easy access. 😉



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