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How to Make Beach House Decor? See Ideas!

How to make beach house decor? See ideas!

Summer is already knocking on our door and it is impossible not to think of all the elements contained in this ‘package’: sun, sea and much, much rest! So, if you have a beach house, it’s time to think about it with more affection, in order to make any space able to provide comfort, without possible headaches with the lack of planning and maintenance. Here on the blog, we list some tips for anyone who wants to transform the beach house decoration and make it the main ally of the vacation.

How to make beach house decor
How to make beach house decor

Beach house decoration theme:

There are, of course, those who do not like to get out of the cliché, and the traditional minnows and sharks appear to give the air of grace in the beach house decor. It is not wrong, after all, these elements are characteristic of the region and match much with any room, being a wildcard of harmonization. However, remember: you have a free pass to dare and create a décor in which you feel good. The beach house allows both the creation of more despoiled environments with the use of warm colors, as well as more intimate environments, with the use of more cleans colors. Personal taste is what will most influence the final composition.


Use of alternative materials for decor:

Intrinsically linked to the choice of style, is the use of materials that will integrate into space. Concrete, demolition wood, natural fibers, bamboo and even the use of ceramic, aluminum and stainless steel are items resistant to the sea and that guarantee good combinations. Remember that the use of iron and other materials that oxidize with ease should be avoided, as all the décor of the beach house can be compromised.

Functional and simple furniture
Functional and simple furniture

Lighting and ventilation are essential!

For beach house decoration, it is very important to value lighting and ventilation. The first is to make the most of natural light in order to conserve energy for as long as possible. Ventilation is essential to prevent the rooms from being too stuffy and the furnishings to stink. A good secret in this case is to create a garden on a porch or near the beach house so that the small vegetation has the power to refresh the inner spaces through the wind.


Functional and simple furniture

Give preference to varnished wood furniture for better conservation. It is best that they be opened or that they contain small blinds so that the ventilation can circulate of complete form. For chairs and armchairs, choose materials that are easy to clean and do not absorb moisture so they do not get stale too

Beach house decoration theme
Beach house decoration theme

If you are going to opt for a small overhaul, choose coatings that are easy to clean, such as porcelain tiles, or that are waterproof, such as wooden decks.


As it is a relaxed environment, it is worth betting on the integration of spaces. Especially if the beach house is small and does not have so much space to put into practice all the ideas.


Tips for investing and decorating the beach house

Going to the beach tomorrow or the next few weeks, it does not matter. At least one item you can take to customize the beach house decor, right?

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